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Liang Haiming, president of the Hainan University Belt and Road Research Institute, was recently invited by the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce to deliver an online lecture on trends in China's foreign trade and investment.

More than 300 executives from large State-owned enterprises and private enterprises attended the lecture.

Liang analyzed the reactions of different countries towards the release of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. He noted that the opposition of the United States won't have a large impact on China's foreign trade.

According to Liang, China has a foreign exchange reserve of more than $3 trillion, which can ensure the status of Hong Kong as an international financial center. The Chinese central government will issue more preferential policies to further boost the development of Hong Kong.

In addition, China will continue to expand its investment in countries along the Belt and Road, especially in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Africa and the Middle East. More and more foreign investment will also flow into China, as long as it continues its policy of opening-up to other countries, Liang added.